Casino Tourism Is Trending in Philippines

Casino tourism is an excellent idea for all people who enjoy the business of gambling, and one of the best casino destinations should be the Philippines. Land-based casinos are very popular hubs for individuals all over the world. Whether you are aiming to win big or just want to enjoy some casual gambling fun, casinos can help cure bored and even add some money to your budget.

While online casinos have a strong presence in the General gambling industry, the cover around land-based casinos can never die. There is something special about setting foot in a brick-and-mortar casino hustling with hundreds of different games. The overall allure of land-based gaming is something no casino player can dismiss.

This love for body gambling locations is one of the main driving forces behind the growth of casino tourism in the Philippines and other countries that have lawful body casinos. Although the Philippines may not be the most popular casino destination worldwide, it is one of the best hubs for Asian gamblers and others looking for something different and unique. Las Vegas and Macau are probably on the bucket list of every casino tourist, but we should not dismiss the Philippines as an attractive casino destination.

The Philippines and its thriving Casino Tourism

While casino tourism might not be the very first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Philippines, the country is known as an ideal casino destination for foreigners. Various gambling forms have been present in the country for many centuries. Casino gambling activities were lawful in 1976. This year, The Philippine enjoyment and Gaming Corporation was founded. The government has established the PAGCRO to control and regulate land-based casinos operating in the country.

There are no laws or regulations that prohibit online casinos from operating in the Philippines. The best Philippines casinos licensed by The Philippine enjoyment and Gaming Corporation have taken all the required steps to maintain the safest online gambling environments. Lawful and safe casino sites in the Philippines from this site use the most advanced SSL encryption technologies, offer the most reliable payment methods, and promise the most spectacular gaming sessions on all the different real money casino games.

Although there are many casino sites in the Philippines, land casino tourism is not dominated by Philippines casinos that operate online, but those that operate in body gambling establishments.

Since 1976, when the PACGOR became operational, many different land-based Philippines casinos opened their doors. Metro Manila, named as the most attractive casino destination in the country, has more than twenty gambling esta

Most of these Philippines casinos are located near the iconic Manila Bay. Most of these are also operated by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Casino tourism is also booming in other regions, including Cebu City and Angeles City. While online casinos, in general, have a strong
presence in the country’s gambling industry, fully integrated casino resorts in Manila Metro, Cebu City and Angeles City have their appeal, and both locals and foreigners are seduced by their unique gambling opportunities.

According to this press release from the Philippine Statistics Authority, there were more than four thousand branches in the country active in the arts, recreation and enjoyment industries. The total revenue collected by these companies, including Philippines casinos, increased by more than 75% to reach a
worth more than PhP230 billion. More than 33% of institutions in the arts, recreation and enjoyment sector are involved in gambling and gambling activities.

According to the same press release, employees in the gambling and gambling industry account for almost half of the workforce in the arts, recreation and enjoyment industries. With this in mind, there is no wonder why casino tourism is one of the most important contributions to the total domestic product (GDP) of the country. This is also one of the reasons behind the government’s decision to allow the development of land-based casinos on Boracay Island.

New casinos to open their doors on the island of Boracay

Online casinos are perhaps more popular than their land-based counterparts, but casino tourism depends on body gambling establishments. To support casino tourism, the Philippine government announced that the world-famous Boracay Island would become home to several gambling companies. Boracay Island, located a short flight from Manila, is famous for its pristine beaches.

As of today, there are no gambling locations on the island, but this could change quickly. In September 2021, President Rodrigo Duterte and the House of Representatives approved the Bida’s (Boracay Island Development Authority) Bill, which allows the development of casinos on the island. One hundred and ninety-two voters supported the bill, while only seven voted for the opposition.

Commenting on the news, the President said that allowing gambling venues on the island will bring additional revenue that the government needs to address the negative economic impact of recent times. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation officials also stated that several casino resorts would be built on the island.

The company in charge is Galaxy enjoyment Group, headquartered in Macau. The Boracay Island Development Authority also plans to create a separate tourist zone on the island and transfer permit approvals, investment, and tax authority to the national government.

The most famous Casino Resorts in the Philippines

With numerous casinos operating in Manila Metro and other regions, there is no wonder why this Asian country is one of the most attractive casino destinations in the world. The most famous, most visited fully integrated casino resorts in the country are:

Solaire Resorts And Casino, located in enjoyment City, opened its doors in March 2013. The hotel and casino is operated by the Bloomberry Resorts Corporation. The complex is located on a plot of twenty-one hectares and houses two five-star hotels. The casino area features over one thousand and six hundred slot games and three hundred and sixty table games.

Equally impressive is Okada Manila, which is also located in enjoyment City. Okada Manila opened in December 2016 and the total construction cost exceeded 250 billion yen. About 26,410 square meters of the resort is covered by the location casino floor, which as expected houses hundreds of games. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino opened in January 1998.

The complex is famous for the Casino Filipino which is located inside the complex. City of Dreams Manila is another world famous fully integrated casino resort in enjoyment City. The grand opening took place in February 2015. The complex includes 938 hotel rooms in six hotel towers and a huge casino floor with 289 table games and more than 1600 slots.

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