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Wherever we go, we always want to share our precious moments with many people. We always want to tell our stories during our wonderful journey. How do you do that without saying a word? Through photography!

The modernity of the pictures had gradually improved in recent decades. We don’t have to buy movies and wait weeks to see the pictures. We no longer have to worry about how we look in photos because we are used to not seeing them in real-time. Right now, with a few clicks on our mobile phones, we can take unlimited photos and even share them on social networks for our friends and family to see.

Photography is really something that has evolved tremendously to become one of the “must-haves” of any event that takes place in our lives. Birthdays, weddings, pre-wedding, debuts, graduations, anniversaries, and of course travel, there really is something about photos that we always want to share with others.

Since photography has become part of our way of life, it has also become a profession that takes months or even years to master. Yes, we can take photos ourselves (selfie, as we call it), but not all of us can take professional photos that we can hang on the wall of our bedroom or living room. With this, it is now customary to usually hire a photographer at important events such as weddings, pre-marital or even maternity photo shoots.

For a traveler like me, I usually take pictures using my phone and then share them on my social media feed and blog. However, if it is something precious and important to me, I always make sure to capture these moments in a professional way. The problem is that I am not a professional photographer, I also move a lot and travel to different places.

With the kind of lifestyle I have, it can take a while to look for someone who can take professional photos of me on my travels. Well, with Flytographer, it’s no longer difficult!

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer is the place where you can hire a photographer wherever you are! They are located on 6 continents, so it is very easy to hire a photographer from them. They also have over 600 photographers and have already captured over 4 million photos for travelers like me.

When you use Flytographer, you know that you will always receive the best experience and the best photos to capture all the special moments in life. Use code KACH50 from your next photographer shoot or gift card.

How do I book a photographer?

Step 1: Choose the date you plan to have a photo shoot and check if your favorite photographer is available on that date. You can check their availability here.

Step 2: Flytographer will then send you a confirmation within 24 to 48 hours if the photographer of your choice is available on said dates and their start time. If they are not available, Flytographer will help you find another photographer.

Step 3: Once a chosen photographer is available on the confirmed dates, you can finally book and book a photo shoot.

Step 4: finalize the photo shoot. You will be given your shooting route and the contact details of your photographer one day before the shoot.

Step 5: Get ready for your photo shoot day! Don’t forget to have fun while filming!

How much does it cost to book a photographer?

The price will depend on the package you choose. The most popular is “the Classic Souvenir”, which costs for 90 minutes of shooting, 45 shots in different locations, with digital files included. You can view their package price list here.

Why hire a photographer with Flytographer?

​Flytographer photographers don’t do their job just because they have to. Once you hire one, you can totally feel the passion and love for what they do. You can see that they like to capture special moments of different people, which is a great experience for each of us. It is also very easy to book and hire a photographer. With Flytographer, you don’t have to worry about having professional photos, even if you’re out of town, a few clicks and you’ve got your very own photographer!

Don’t forget, use the code KACH50 from your next photographer shoot or gift card.

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