Mallorca Is Famous for Abundance of Resort Hotels

Mallorca is a popular tourist destination due to the abundance of resort hotels, the vibrant nightlife in Palma and the diverse landscapes, all on one island. However, one mistake that people often make when visiting Mallorca is to think that it is small, simply because it is an island, which means that car rental in Mallorca with ROIG is a popular service.

Is Mallorca a walkable island?

The reality is that Mallorca is 3,640 km2 and stretches for almost 100 km from East to West. But, while the island itself is far from reachable on foot, the individual towns are. Palma, the largest city, has a center that stretches for about 1 km, with several neighborhoods such as Buenos Aires and Son Dameto. It is possible that you will stay in an area a few kilometers away, but usually 90% of hotels are located in the central area or in the adjacent bay.

If you need a transfer from the airport to your hotel and you are not looking for a lot of excursions in rural areas, rely on your feet is quite possible in Mallorca. In addition, if you add a bicycle to your arsenal, you can explore the distance – even in the mountains – much easier. Palma is also becoming increasingly bicycle-friendly.


While some of the smaller towns and villages are even better reached on foot, it is easier to get there and make day trips by car. Palma airport is the main place to find a car rental company, where you can expect to pay anywhere. Parking is usually available, but fees and some of the old areas of Palma can be difficult to cross with many narrow one-way streets. However, a car rental is ideal for those who are looking for the freedom to drive in villages and rural areas.


Although it is easier to get around with a moped because it is smaller and easier to park, renting a car is a similar story – it is not necessary when staying in Palma, or even in other cities on the island, but can be good to move between them. In addition.

Public transport

Quite impressive, there is a bus network around most of the island. Of course, the schedules are tight, with few trips and even less on weekends. But, you can get an intermodal card and get from city to City relatively easily. There is no railway network on the island, not surprising, but the bus network is enough for most.

Private transport

Another option is to use a taxi, as these are the most comfortable and direct way to get somewhere. You can pay around for a 20-minute ride, but this can vary depending on the day and time.

Private buses are very common on package tours, which can take you directly to the hotel from the airport. These are ideal for those staying in the city and can even be done individually outside of a package holiday. They are spacious and designed to store your bags, unlike a public bus, and can be affordable than a taxi.

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