Perfect Places in Sydney to Travel Alone

Sydney, Australia is an ideal city to travel alone. We love the freedom and liberation that comes with traveling without a plus one; however, there are times when joining a group just makes sense.

However, the last thing you want as a solo traveler is to be thrown on a heap with a crowd that has already bonded. That’s why we’ve put together our perfect tours for solo travelers in Sydney.

Hopping from vineyard to Vineyard is not the kind of activity you only want to do when you need, for no other reason than a designated driver. Flavors of the Hunter plonk Tours offer both private tours and scheduled departures, which solo travelers can join. After a few glasses and vineyard visits, we are sure you will get to know your colleagues and friends.

BBQ Cooking Class

One of the most challenging things not to write in this article is going to be a slogan that every Australian finds credible. Our advice is to attend a BBQ cooking class, especially when the craft beer starts to flow. For those who don’t want to order another takeaway or sit in a restaurant on their own, taking a cooking class seems like an ideal compromise.

Bondi Beach

You should at least try to stand on a surfboard when you visit Bondi Beach. However, if you really want to watch the part, sign up for a full day of surf lessons or take an extensive five-day course. You’ll get fit, meet like-minded people, and get immersed in Sydney surf culture.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour

If you plan to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, then you need to do it with a group led by a qualified guide. For those looking for a real thrill to test their endurance, the ultimate climb begins to conquer the entire width of this famous bridge. You get 360-degree views from the top and a bucket list moment to enjoy.

Cetacean Watching Tour

A cetacean-watching cruise is essential during any visit to Sydney. Excursions usually start at Circular Quays before heading to humpback cetaceans in the area. Populations are on the rise, and currently, estimates of more than 30,0000 cetaceans are expected to roam Sydney from May to November annually. If you’re lucky, you might see the calves that tend to be spotted from mid-August to November.

Newtown Food and Street Art Tour

Join Justin from Local Sauce Tours, a self-proclaimed ‘restorative lawyer’ as he shows you some of the best parts of Bohemian Newton. You’ll enjoy a variety of multicultural restaurants and a tasting paddle of craft beers from a local brewery. Vegetarians, vegans and colorful characters are welcome!

The Meetup website operates in Sydney and offers many opportunities for solo travellers to meet like-minded locals. Whether you are into learning about Aussie Rules football, Pickleball, or joining a specialty social club, there is probably an activity to keep you busy every day of the week.

Anyone who often travels alone knows that you will rarely be alone. Instead, solo travel offers the ability to choose who you hang out with, when and for how long. Adding a few tours to your Sydney itinerary creates the ideal balance of freedom, socializing, and meeting new people.

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