To Start New Life Can Move to These Countries

If you are considering moving to a new country, you are on the right page. Here are the best countries to move to if you want to start a new life outside the Philippines.

Sometimes we are tired of doing the same thing every day. Facing the same problem, the same people and the same situation is exhausting and we know that. We all have personal problems that we quietly action, but somehow we get to the point where we wonder if it’s really worth it. Some people choose to continue the struggle, while others choose to start a new life. If you have the opportunity to move to another country, the question is: why not? So, in this article we have summarized the countries where Filipinos can move easily compared to other areas.

1. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the best countries to move to, especially now that the process is easier compared to other European countries. The rules here are not yet strict, so obtaining a residence permit will be easier. You just have to know the different ways to have a home here. It can be studying, donating to the government, obtaining a work permit, marrying a Montenegrin, buying a home, starting a business or for medical reasons.

You must first have a temporary residence permit that you can renew every year, and then switch to permanent residence after 5 years. After living in Montenegro for 10 years, you are now eligible to apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

If you do not know where to start or you have no idea about the process, requirements, formalities, etc., then we are here to help you! You can book our help and consultation service related to moving to Montenegro.

However, if you already want to emigrate to Montenegro, we can help you get a type D visa for a residence permit and all this can be done within 2-3 months and will serve as a guarantor, which is required by law (guarantors are questioned by the local MUP police here and must submit notarized documents).

2. Australia

As a country rich in natural wonders and diversity, Australia is one of the leading Philippine countries when it comes to emigrating abroad.

In the matter of moving here, Filipinos have a few options to become full citizens of Australia; a work visa, an invitation from a family member or studies. From there, you can convert them to other permits.

To give you an overview, many Filipinos have moved to Australia as permanent residents, although you can choose to live temporarily or permanently. You can become a permanent resident in 3 categories; family Component, work Component and business or investment Component.

3. New Zealand

Without a doubt, many Filipinos want to move to New Zealand. who doesn’t? A less corrupt government, an exceptional quality of life and security! Plus the landscape? New Zealand is really a country that many Filipinos dream of. So, how to move here? Is this possible for Philippine passport holders? Pardi!

Same with Australia, there are also a few options that people can choose from to get permanent residence in New Zealand:

4. Canada

If you ask a Filipino the question of where he wants to emigrate if he has the opportunity, most will answer “Canada”. Canada is a country that is very open to immigrants, which is one of the reasons why people always choose this place if they want to start a new life outside the Philippines.

The best part here is that there are a lot of different ways to move to Canada (9 ways to be specific):

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominated Program
  • Skilled workers selected in Quebec
  • Caregiver
  • Pilot Project Immigration
  • Sponsorship Of Families
  • Self-Employed (Self-Employed)
  • Start-Up Visas
  • Student

Among these types, the most common are students, caregivers and family sponsorship. Each type has different rules and requirements to follow. For more information on each of these programs, you can check out our article HERE.

Countries where you can get citizenship by investing

In addition to the above countries, you can also get citizenship just by investing! The countries listed below are the best countries to move to if you think you are an investor. The travel benefits are very attractive!

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