Visit These Unique Beach Clubs in Mykonos

Check out the 6 best unique beach clubs in Mykonos that you must visit on the island.

Mykonos is the island that never sleeps. Although at first it gives the impression of a quiet destination due to its picturesque character, the island of the winds is actually Greece’s answer to the challenge of Ibiza. At night, Mykonos confirms its reputation as a paradise for the ubiquitous “revelers” who have fun at the legendary parties until last fall, and the most famous DJs and the elite of famous stars give the gift.

On the other hand, for those looking for a more relaxed disco, the alternatives are just as numerous. From the most picturesque bars in Little Venice to the traditional cocktail bars in Chora, you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

1. Kalua

With the northern Gulf of Paraga as a backdrop, a unique experience awaits you in Mykonos, where the colorful elements combine in a beautiful setting, with music, drinks and food reaching perfection. After all, some consider Kalua to be the paradise of bohemian girls from Mykonos-and not without reason!

For example, you will find the Kalua Beach Club on the famous Paraga beach, which is identified with the motto “every day a party on the beach”. During the day, you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail, such as the Kalua watermelon, the store’s trademark, and dance until dawn under the warm Aegean sun.

2. More About Tropicana Beach

In Paradise Beach, Tropicana is one of the most fashionable places. Throughout the day, this bar is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy their breakfast by the sea or say goodbye to the day by swinging to the rhythm of the famous DJs from 16:30.

The travel chain describes it as the “awesome” beach bar on the island. It remains the first choice of young people and stylish visitors who promise to party until dawn.

Public transport connects Fabrica Station and the Old Port of Mykonos Town to Paradise Beach in about 20 minutes, or you can take a sea taxi from another beach, such as Platis Gialos, to get there.

3. Super Paradise

There are many famous stars and unconverted clubbers who regularly visit the legendary Super Paradise Beach Club. In addition to the incomparable nightlife, Super Paradise is also known for its relaxed atmosphere that combines with fresh cocktails throughout the day until the famous DJs mark the beginning of another legendary night. This is, without a doubt, a club that you will want to return to!

The shuttle departs every 30 minutes from the Fabrica terminal between 11:00 and 23:00, and on your return, you can board one of the same buses that run from 11:30 to 23:30. However, you will not want to leave this earthly paradise.

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Without a doubt, Cavo Paradiso is the most famous club in Mykonos. Located on Paradise Beach, it is guaranteed to fill you with joy, because the party- literally never stops. Dancing, socializing and drinking take place even after sunrise. The evening will be accompanied by famous DJs, such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren; all these contribute to an unforgettable enjoyment experience. However, we recommend that you book in advance.

Public transport connects Fabrica Station and the Old Port of Chora, to Paradise Beach in about 20 minutes, or you can take a sea taxi from another beach, such as Platis Gialos, to get there.

5. SantAnna

Located on the coast of Paraga, in a multifunctional island-style space, SantAnna offers high-quality organic restaurants, bars and lounges, luxury boutiques with exclusive brands, a spa, beach cabins and VIP areas for guests who want absolute privacy.

Arthur Chi’en, the pioneering, talented and award-winning journalist and DJ, chooses music in the morning and throughout the day in a world exclusive. Meanwhile, internationally renowned DJs raise the tempo and the party never stops.

6. Nammos

It has been said that if you do not spend a day at the Nammos Club, it is as if you have never been to Mykonos. It may seem a little extreme, but it’s true; Nammos is the most cherished club of world-famous celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Kendal Jenner and Mariah Carey.

After all, Mykonos is a party paradise, where the party never ends. Famous DJs will play the rhythm again until the morning, and you can taste the best dishes and cocktails. During your stay, you can enjoy champagne and dance until dawn. The crystal clear water next to the club also adds to the experience.

And, if you ever feel the need to take a break from the whole party, rest in the fabulous and luxurious Mykonos villas that you have booked, recharge your batteries and start again!

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